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Taizhou Saite Fluid Control CO.,Ltd. has designed and developed independently many series of products,including the pressure regulating valve, Flame retardant explosion-proof valve,which have been widely applied to the fluid control field during the long-term faithful cooperation with the manufacturers of the medium and low velocity diesel and ships. Some of its products have been used in the national defense industry,being well received by the professionals.The flame retardant explosion-proof valve,after the examination by Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Information,has been proved to be more novel than the products of the same like in China and foreign countries,receiving the recognition of the ship survey administration at home and abroad.In order to test the performance of the flame retardant explosion-proof valve,the Company has set up a laboratory controlled by computers,which has gained the 17025 authentication of the CNACR.It has several invention patents has also passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification.