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Fuel Injection Pump & Valve



Innovation Nozzle System ◈ Environmentally friendly valve as complete combustion decreases CO2 and NOx. ◈ Increases life span of product as Injection Rod blocks backflow of residual oil into cylinder twice near the combustion chamber. ◈ During inhalation cycle, it blocks nozzle spray hole and therefore prevent the inflow of gas and foreign substances into the cylinder which increases the life time of nozzle. ◈ Cut-off part is located far from nozzle tip which disallow thermal deformation and therefore fuel efficiency does not decrease over time. Innovation Oilbank Piston System ◈ Increases life span as Oilbank Piston system constantly fills oil into the middle of piston due to its characteristic of hydrodynamic structure to decreases the coefficient of friction between cylinder and piston. ◈ Increases pumping pressure and prevents cavitation as oil in Oilbank maintains internal pressure difference between vertical and horizontal, top and bottom to increase piston pressure.