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With our equipment on over 8,000 land-based gas and dual-fuel engines worldwide, we are bringing our experience with spark-ignited gas and dual-fuel engines to marine applications. Due our technology, marine gas engine operators can look forward to reliable, flexible, high efficiency engine power at minimized Total Cost of Ownership and lowest NOx emissions. Our hardware and software cover acquisition and processing of engine data into key control values, precise control of gas engine combustion, immediate detection of knocking and misfiring and fast controller response for safe running at high output and efficiency, advanced engine monitoring, control and diagnosis. E²CON-M: With E²CON-M you will quickly get the controller you need for marine gas or dual-fuel engines. A modular system of proven elements, E²CON-M is highly adaptable. In close collaboration, we can rapidly develop a customized control system for your marine medium-speed engine. The result: maximum performance, reliability and efficiency.